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Reliance Protectron Security Services
6200 Dixie Road, Suite 202
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada, L5T 2E1

Tel: 1-800-811-1818


Incorporated in 1988 and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Reliance Protectron Security Services is security monitoring and installation companies. It employs over 325 qualified professionals who specialize in the selling, installing, servicing and monitoring of electronic security systems. Basic system cost $199 and includes 2 door, 1 motion and 1 keypad. Monthly is $33.99 per month


Protectron fraudulently continues to extract money
Posted: 01/01/2014
City: Anonymous
After having Protectron install a security system in our home we had many problems with the system continually buzzing and beeping. Each time we called and asked for maintenance we were consistently told that it would take weeks to get service…. And so we obviously were without protection by a reliable security system. We tolerated this for months until the day we finally had a worker come out and fix a sensor on our front door which had not worked for months. The worker had no more than left our house when I opened the front door and the sensor he had installed fell to the floor. At this point we wrote a letter and sent an email indicating we wished to quit the contract and the system. We felt that they had broken the contract many times by not ensuring that we had the protection we needed. We had another security system installed and told Protectron that we no longer wished them to automatically withdraw funds from our account. They have continued to do so from July to December of 2013 and refuse to honor our requests to return this fraudulently extraction of money from us. We wish to warn all impending customers to be extremely careful in dealing with this company.

Terrible customer service
Posted: 12/20/2013
City: Binrbook
Terrible customer service. I am paying for a service plan yet they still charge a trip charge to come out to my place to fix a motion that never worked in the first place. Called in to test my system and was transferred 5 times and hung up on twice.  Cannot wait till my agreement is over so I can switch to MHB Security for my ADT System, ADT can  provided us direct Police response if we need it. Protectron can not even send Police, as it is already written on Protectron's website that they will send out the guard. My sister's experience is that protectron guard shows up after 4-5 hours, long before burglars took away every thing from her house.

Posted: 12/18/2013
City: Annonymous
they would lick your feet if you are a customer.
once you purchased their system and a year later, wanted to change company.
they won't give you any info in regards to your PURCHASED system.
that means, you won't get protectron's help on getting any required info for the PURCHASED system so that you can have another service provider to use the system.

you call, they hung up on you after making you wait on the phone & transfer you over and over again.
they will tell you to call the sales rep that you dealt with, in which it has nothing to do with the sales.
i need them to disable my cell phone unit and unlock my system so that i can move on with another service provider.
no luck, they don't care about you anymore. they have made your money already.


Do not trust Protectron
Posted: 2/01/2010
City: Hamilton
While I will review in total in short here is my summarization: Do not trust Protectron of their contractors. My advice, read everything, do not just trust them to answer questions honestly. The whole situation started when a woman came to my door at my old address and offered the service with free installation. I asked her all the questions, like cancellation fees, how long was the contract. I had never dealt with contracts before this so I didn't have much of an idea. She said I could cancel at any time with no problems and it was a 1 year contract.

A year later when I was moving I decided that I didn't need it anymore and called to cancel, not only was there cancellation fees, but it was a 3 year contract. Protection's stance on this was more or less too bad, you signed the contract. So I had to keep it or else there would be a huge fine. So when I moved in December, I told them they could go get the old system and transfer it and such. They re-installed my system and I had to pay $500 for that. Do not trust Protectron, they are out to screw the customer as much money as possible. And they don't even monitor it all that well. My alarm went off 3 times, all false alarms, but I received no call or notice from them, they aren't even doing their job.


I feel very swindled!!!!
Posted: 9/18/2009
City: Brampton
I had a rep call me on the phone and tell me he needed to make some changes to the alarm box in my house.....I said okay...I was busy but home. He spent a good half hour at my house making phone calls and programming numbers into the box. I told him we did not use the alarm system anymore because the program didn't work for us. When he was finished....he came to me with papers. I was in the middle of baking 3 cakes and had not a single spot on my counter. He pushed some things aside and gave me a pen and papers to sign. I assumed these papers were for the reprogramming he had just done on the alarm. Not once was I told that what I was signing was a 3 year contract with the company!!! NOT ONCE!!!! We had always paid by the year and yet we had called and cancelled our service the previous year because we couldn't use it anymore!!!

Two and a half months later....I get a bill in the mail saying we are late on our payment.....of course I had no idea what they were talking about because I was never aware that I had signed a 3 year contract!!! I was very mislead......even after saying we didn't use the system anymore!!! When I called to speak a "customer service" representative.....she would not come to the phone. I asked if there was anybody with whom I could discuss my problem and they basically said you signed a contract....your obligated and there is nobody who wants to speak to you!!!! They have my money....they don't care how they went about getting it.....and I feel very swindled!!!!


Posted: 8/13/2009
City: Mississauga
Having been with VOXCOM for four years and then the company was taken over by Protectron, I noticed a mark degrade in the service. I set the alarm but received no call. Getting a response seemed to take forever and when I wanted some service from their local office in Ottawa I was told that there would a substantial charge. I called their office to cancel the service since I had completed the mandatory contract and they were quite cordial but said I had to fax a letter requesting the termination and I was charged $200 to cancel. I did this, providing them with one month's notice and was told that I would be billed for one payment. On the date of the termination I noticed that I had been billed for yet another payment. There office responded by saying that I was lucky that I was not being billed for a further 6 months as I had been a loyal customer. Regrettably there is not much loyalty in the service industry. I would not recommend Protectron as a provider of Alarm services.

Posted: 4/02/2008
City: Toronto
I had an Alarm System from Protectron up until December 2007 when my house was broken into. On the night of December 21, 2007, I received a call from their monitoring station letting me know that they have received a burglar alarm and they are sending authorities. I was at the mall doing my holiday shopping, I quickly went to the house and found out that every valuable item was stolen from my house. The siren never went off for some reason and my neighbors did not notice anything. I waited in my house, thinking the police might be arriving any time but after about 5 hours a 65 year old man came who works for Protectron as a Security Guard. He was just there to check the perimeters and to call Police from his cell phone if he finds something unusual. I was so surprised that the Police never comes through this company and it is even posted on their website that they send guards only. I wish I had know before so I could have switched to the company who can actually send Police. I am sure, the burglar also knew, this is why burglars took a lot of stuff from house. I have switched to an ADT system now and I am quite satisfied with their services and reputation. Take my word, don't go with Protectron.








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