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The Monitoring Center

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The Monitoring Center

Tel: 1-866-247-4999


The Monitoring Center is a provider of high quality, low-cost home and business security alarm monitoring. Basic system is $599 that includes 3 door, 1 motion and 1 keypad. System can be enhanced by buying more devices. Monthly starting at $9.95


Posted: 7/29/2008
City: Toronto
I got a security system from this company about two months ago.  I had to pay $800 for the basic DSC system which other companies offering for free but I still liked the idea as I will only need to pay $9.99 every month.  When I was signing up they told me that there would be no maintenance required on their equipment because the equipment is so good. Well, lo and behold my motion detector started going off for no reason, causing false alarm after a month and when I called for service, first of all no one answered my call for half an hour, second they were charging me $125 to come and fix my motion sensor.  I paid it to fix my motion sensor and after a week my door contact was loose and causing trouble with the alarm and I couldnít even arm my system. So again they were asking for $125 to come and fix it. I found it ridiculous that their equipment was not dependable and Iíve learned my lesson not to go with cheap monitoring companies because in the end you always end up losing.  Iíve cancelled my contract and am going with a better company.











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